Don't Miss the LeaderShift 2017 Fall/Winter Conference! A Unique Professional Learning Experience!


gerund or present participle: reinventing
1. change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new.


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LeaderShift 2017 Conference Information


Program Description:

It is with great enthusiasm that The Center for Innovative Educational Leadership (CIEL) at Ramapo College of NJ in partnership with Springboard21 Education Solutions and sponsoring organizations, invite your participation in their Annual Summer Educational Leadership Institute. The 2017 Institute theme is Leadershift: Reinventing Our Schools for Extraordinary and Uncertain Times - A Call for Innovative and Solution-Focused Leadership.

This unique professional learning conference offers a lifeline to overtaxed school leaders struggling with the challenge of how to be effective visionaries and instructional leaders, while at the same time managing the day-to-day operation of their school organizations­­. Led by a uniquely experienced and talented team of international conference developers, educational leaders, keynoters, and facilitators, the 2017 Institute will engage participants in a highly interactive, self-directed professional development experience. Utilizing a blended “unconference and traditional” program format, participants will advance their leadership knowledge, competencies, and dispositions through self-directed collaborative inquiry with local, national, and international peers. The intent is to empower all participants to identify, explore, innovate, and exchange team-driven challenge solutions through a combination of purposeful keynote presentations, targeted activities, collaborative inquiry, web-based tools, and digital resources - so that we can reinvent our schools for modern times.  

Specifically, the LeaderShift 2017 Institute will provide a unique opportunity for participants to:

  • Enhance their knowledge of leadership models and strategies for school transformation.
  • Advance their competencies and dispositions, specifically to lead, manage, and, ultimately, affect purposeful change.
  • Examine and apply proven research-based strategies to effectively address leadership challenges.
  • Utilize inquiry-based problem-solving processes to collaboratively explore, identify, examine, and prioritize leadership challenges; and formulate action items to support school improvement initiatives focused on the promotion of innovative curriculum, instruction, and individual student achievement.
  • Enhance their ability to foster a culture that promotes collegiality, collaboration, and perpetual learning for all members of their school community - students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents and business community.
  • Extend their professional network in support of sustained leadership growth and development.

Targeted Audience:

  • All administrators, educational specialists, teacher leaders, and aspiring leaders who are committed to advancing their leadership skills, competencies, and dispositions, specifically to lead, manage, and, ultimately, affect purposeful change and school improvement within their organization.

  • All educators who passionately believe in the need for school reinvention, so as to best prepare our students for their life and work in modern times.

  • All educators who value collaborative-based inquiry as a means to promote creative and innovative problem-solving.