BuckwormTMI - Funding on the Go!

Increase Your Funding on the Go! 

Schools and Non-profits ("SNPs") are challenged every year by tight budgets, annual targets and peformance meassures that never seem to go away. Significant energy is expended internally by SNPs to minimize costs while maximizing performance, service and support to and across their community constituents. Tireless and constant fundraising initiatives are held annually to help raise sufficient funds in order to narrow budget gaps and meet budget requirements, all without sacrificing performance, service and support.  Yet these initiatives can prove very time consuming, repetitive and a significant administrative "delivery" cost.

But sadly, SNP challenges are not solely defined or limited to the bottom line. In fact, their challenges are more inherently defined by a "fractured communication infrastructure", a significant factor in limiting bottom-line results. Modes of communication lack the consistency, "reach-out" capacity and action-oriented prompting needed to communicate cohesive messaging to and encourage purposeful engagement among their supporter base. Tradional methods of email blasts, mailers and cold-calling prove fragmented and disjointed, with all requiring significant human resources and redundancy. Overall, we realize that a majority of SNPs lack a cohesive and integrated "ecosystem" within which to engage and grow their supporter base, enhance community activity and increase funding. 

In response to these everyday challenges, the leadership of TMI has partnered with passionate entrepreneurs to develop a mobile-commerce ecosystem to help SNPs engage and grow their supporter base and increase funding, all at NO COST to the SNP. Welcome to BuckwormTM!

BuckwormTM is a mobile-commerce application that provides an ecosystem for SNPs. By creating and engaging through the ecosystem, BuckwormTM increases SNP funding from supporters at no cost and without any obligation. BuckwormTM does this by leveraging the "everyday spending" power of a SNP's supporter base through various retail POS and online purchases. With each "everyday" purchase, a fixed percentage is seamlessly directed to a supporter's pre-selected SNP of choice. It's really that easy!

BuckwormTM makes the ordinary experience of dining out and shopping online extraordinary by funding SNPs. It's truly found money for the SNP; a real "win-win" for the SNP and supporter alike.