Mindful Schools: A TMI/Krame Center Certificate-based Program for School Administrators and Safety/Climate Leadership Teams

Creating a Mindful School:

A TMI/Krame Center Certificate-based Program for School Administrators and 
Safety/Climate Leadership Teams

Foster a Positive Climate and High Performing Culture! What if your school were a kinder, more intelligent and compassionate place? A school where both the teachers and the students become high-performance users of their own brains, and where creativity, resilience, engagement and clarity of mind resides. Especially, in our world of information overload.

This can be possible through practices that improve self-awareness and mental agility. Mindfulness and the additional skills from the field of neuroscience presented in this course can transform the way things are done everyday in your school into opportunities for improved emotional, psychological, intellectual and social skills which, in turn, can lead to a high performing school culture. This specialized way of training the brain specifically creates scientifically recognized enhancements in our mental functions and interpersonal relationships.

One of the most striking benefits of this training is that it can help us see ourselves and others with more clarity and compassion, and that no matter how challenging or intense our moment to moment living is, we can face it with greater stability, understanding and calm. That alone is a really worthwhile pursuit for your students and staff.

These three exciting days consist of:

  • Day 1: A practical introduction to the research and practice of mindfulness, and particular strategies to integrate them into the school curriculum that are unobtrusive and helpful.
  • Day 2: Research-based knowledge and competencies that support this work - mind/body communication, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, gratitude and fundamental techniques that deal with well-being, resilience, executive function and attitude.
  • Day 3: Implementation strategies for teams to integrate mindfulness into the school and community through the development of an organizational-specific action plan.

Course modules include:

  • The role of mindfulness in the school
  • Executive function and improved student achievement and behavior
  • The cognitive benefits of mindfulness
  • Strategies to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Strategies to improve the workplace, teacher teams and school culture
  • Changing limiting beliefs through the neurological levels of learning
  • Research and facts about brain functioning and improved well-being
  • The important and most current research regarding mind and body
  • Developing an action plan for your school
  • Further study and support from TMI and the Krame Center

Audience: This program is highly recommended for school-based leadership teams and/or task forces that are charged with the development and implementation of programs to enhance organizational climate and culture. We strongly encourage that these teams are comprised of administrators, teacher leaders, counselors, CST members and other appropriate staff.

Certificated PD Credit Hours: 15 (3-Day Course)

Cost of Program: $447/person

Beautiful Location! All programs are held in the state-of-the-art facilities located on the beautiful campus of Ramapo College of NJ, nestled in the hills of Mahwah, NJ.

About the Partners

TMI Education:  For nearly 20 years, TMI Education has proudly served its constituents, supporting innovative and exemplary practice and ground-breaking large scale initiatives. To date, TMI has had the privileged opportunity to work collaboratively with many prominent educational and business organizations, as well as hundreds of school districts to advance educational practice in ways that we collectively believe will best serve our students for their life and work in modern times. We are most appreciative of the opportunities we have been provided, and your loyalty and confidence you have placed in us to lead such profoundly important initiatives; for this we thank you.

The Krame Center: Established in 2014 to support faculty, staff and students while also serving the greater community as a distinctive center at Ramapo College of New Jersey, for learning and applied research in contemplative and mindfulness practices for the betterment and well-being of individuals, organizations and society. 


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