Be Part of Something Big: The Project ABLE Curriculum Renewal Initiative with Ian Jukes

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Be part of something BIG. Together we can transform the landscape of education.

Born from a new partnership between TMI and Ian Jukes, the Project ABLE Curriculum Renewal Insitiative is about transforming curriculum and empowering students in sustained standards-based authentic learning environments.

Let's face it, modern students are disengaged with traditional schooling. Kids are different today. Fundamentally different. Neurologically different.

To connect with today's digital generation requires a complete re-thinking of teaching, learning and assessment.

The time for action is now! Let's take the first step together.

Where else can you get 500 PD credit hours and 25 workshops for your staff, all for only $3,500? Register your district membership by March 31, 2015 and your membership fee is only $3,500. 

You pay more for some single-day, in-district presenter fees alone than you do for membership in the TMI Consortium.

Our portfolio of 25 planned workshops, events and special services addresses the needs for administrators, educational leaders, classroom teachers, support staff and more.

Consortium members also benefit from TMI's new partnerships with Ian Jukes, Dr. James Stronge and Dr. Gravity Goldberg.

Our schedule for the 2015/2016 school year is already planned and ready to roll. Visit our Workshops & Events to see it all.

If your district joins our membership today you will be able to join us for some special events this April and August 2015 with Ian Jukes; at NO COST to you.

Register your district for membership today.

We love collaboration with and amongst peers from other schools, but sometimes you just want something more personal. We get it!

You know your district best and certainly you know better than anyone what your needs are. Your personalized menu is built through our "Listen first, then listen again" approach.

You own it, you shape it. We simply act as your guide and facilitator. Whether it's a one-day engaged workshop or a series of workshops and formative group sessions, it's all up to you.

We don't make you fit an "off-the-shelf" in-district program. Instead, we help design a personalized program that best fits you!